The Department of Management Science and Technology aims to improve the course of studies of its students, but also by encouraging communication with the educational staff of the Department, at the timely and effective confrontation of the difficulties that students may face, especially in the first year of studies.

For this purpose, the Department activates for all students the institution of Academic Advisor for Studies from the academic year 2021-2022.

According to the Study Advisor Regulation, the Academic Advisor is responsible for informing and advising students on all of the following:

a) Support to facilitate first-year students in their transition from secondary to tertiary education.

b) Advice concerning: course content, participation in workshops, utilization of the infrastructure of the Department’s laboratories, ways of evaluating course performance, encouragement of the student to participate in progressions, tests, exercise series, remedial teaching with additional tutorials, ways of study, bibliography, etc., which help the student to understand and successfully complete the courses in which he/she is struggling.

c) Advice concerning: content of compulsory courses and elective courses, determination of the optimal choice of courses minimizing failure in the examinations and discussion with the student, so that the choice of courses is consistent with his/her personal interests, skills and abilities.

d) Discussion of the results of the examinations.

e) Choice of the subject of thesis or other thesis.

f) Postgraduate studies (in the Department, in Greece and abroad).

g) Career prospects (opportunities in the public, private sector, liberal profession, job abroad).

h) Discussion of any topic that creates obstacles to studies.

i) Issues with teachers.

j) Information on the services offered by the University to its students (Student welfare, DASTA, SKEPI, Office of Practical Training, etc.).

The Assembly of the Department of Management Science and Technology decided to assign the duties of a Study Advisor to the Faculty members of the Department for each student of each academic year, as follows:

Student Surname 

Academic Advisor of Studies


Gerontidis Ioannis

B, C

Dimitriadis Efstathios

D, E

Theriou Georgios


Theriou Nikolaos


Kamenidou Irene

rest G

Kosmidis Kosmas


Maditinos Dimitrios

rest M

Mamalis Spyridon


Mardiris Vassilios


Borbotsi Chrysanthi

rest P

Mylona Ifigenia


Pipiliagopoulos Michail

rest S

Sarigiannidis Lazaros


Fragidis Leonidas


Chatzis Vassilios

The communication of students with the teaching staff can be done either by phone or via email or internet (contact details are posted on the Department’s page) or face-to-face during the hours announced by the staff as contact hours with the students.

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