Greetings of the Head of the Department

Dr. Dimitriadis

Head of the Department

Dear students, dear visitors, 

The official website of a Department is one of the most powerful interactive tools of a modern university structure, as it enables everyone to be informed and to interact with every functional entity of the Department. As President of the Department of Management Science & Technology of the International University of Greece and representing all the staff of the Department, teaching, technical and administrative, you are welcome on the official website of the Department.

Our Department operates in its current form from the academic year 2019 – 2020. The subject of the Department combines modern management science with new technologies, which are now an integral part of every business and are used not only in the production department but mainly in strategic decision making, information
utilization, supply chain and customer service. 

The Department is closely connected with the local community and economy of the city of Kavala and the wider Region. It has been operating for 35 years in Kavala, having offered top level studies to over 8,000 students from all over Greece.

The faculty members of the Department have extensive teaching experience and contribute to the research through numerous publications in scientific journals, announcements in conferences and participation in research projects, while maintaining collaborations with colleagues from greek and foreign universities. 

Combining the experience and valuable knowledge of its teaching staff, the Department constitutes a higher education structure that can create young, distinguished scientists and business executives, ready to meet the modern and demanding business environment. 

The Department currently has two institutionalized research laboratories, offering five postgraduate programs and doctoral program. The Department also participates in the publication of a scientific journal as well as in a number of national and international research projects. 

Has organized or participated in numerous conferences, workshops and events in collaboration with cultural or social organizations in the area. Maintains memoranda of cooperation with many universities and social organizations in Greece and abroad.

It presents the highest degree of mobility through the Erasmus program between the Departments of IHU, in exchanges of students and teachers. Actively participates in scientific associations and university networks. It offers foreign language courses to Erasmus students every year, attracting many students from abroad.

So I urge you to browse our website to find all the information you are interested in and use it to complete a number of procedures related to the Department


Dr. Dimitriadis Efstathios 

Head of the Department of Management Science & Technology


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