Central Amphitheater & Foyer

The Central (Large) Amphitheater of the Department of Management Science & Technology is located on the north side of the building complex and in front of the FE1 building of the student dormitories. It has a total area of 1,420 sq.m. and includes the central amphitheater with 400 seats, the foyer with 120 seats and the auxiliary spaces.


Both venues are equipped with all the necessary audiovisual systems (microphone installation, video projectors, wired and wireless wi-fi access to the high speed 1 Gbit GUNet inter-university network). They mainly serve the needs of the Foundation, such as scientific conferences and seminars, alumni oaths, social, cultural and political events of the academic community, but also events of scientific, cultural and social institutions of the city. and the wider area which also bear the operating costs.

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